One-on-one, dedicated time focused on one thing: your academic pathway to success. 

Achievement requires a plan. This is as true for students in 9th grade as it is for those in 12th. The difference with Academic Pathways is that our plans are always highly customized through one-on-one family meetings and consulting sessions at all the right times.

Through these sessions we funnel our decades of academic knowledge and experience into an intense and rigorous learning program. This doesn't mean that our students aren't having fun along the way! We believe in a relaxed environment where students and their families can develop a true partnership with our counselors.  

All of this together results in one thing: achievement of goals!

 “We just received the letters.  Thanks to you he has been accepted to all 3 programs—Blair, RM IB, and Poolesville.  I am especially proud that he received 96th percentile verbal and a score of 5 in writing…all thanks to you.”


We begin our consulting relationships with a thorough evaluation. We want to know and understand your academic goals. What colleges interest you? Are you involved in extracurricular activities that tie back to the heart of your application? What are your strengths or weaknesses? What makes you authentically YOU? When applying to colleges, what should we illuminate about who you really are?  

There are many decisions that go into the college application process and we want to be able to help you with all of them.

Once we understand your goals, preferences, and needs, we will put together an individualized plan that charts a path toward achievement. We will structure homework time and GPA maintenance alongside college admission requirements. We will factor in the time remaining before critical deadlines and help you prioritize activities as we continue to build your resume.

Throughout our consulting partnership we will evaluate and check on a regular basis that we are meeting progress milestones. If you are struggling in any area, we will modify the plan to help you further shape your academic pathway to success in every dimension.


Our academic consulting philosophy:  Let’s focus on you as an individual—your one-of-a-kind academic pathway—THAT is the key to your success! 

In order to use our time effectively and check all of the necessary boxes, it is important to put together a clear plan—one shaped uniquely for you. 

When it comes to college planning, we accept students from any year of high school, as well as from 8th grade. It is never too early to begin taking a good look at your interests and pursuits with your college career in mind.

We will teach you the difference between your student profile and student portfolio, and guide you in discovering what programs and passions will really make you happy and successful long-term.

Our Academic Pathways consulting sessions result in the creation of a highly customized and thorough plan that walks you through the necessary steps of the application process year by year according to your needs. These consulting sessions are necessary in order for us to pass along our years of academic knowledge and experience to you through an intense and rigorous learning program. 

This doesn't mean that our students are stressed out or obsessed with acceptances, however:  we believe in a relaxed environment in which students and their families can develop a true, long-term partnership with our counselors and end up at the best school for them.  Our goal is the same as yours—entrance into the college of your choice, with a thoughtfully curated list of several schools where you will be completely happy.