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February 2024 - Beat the summer slump while preparing  for travel.

Are you a college-bound senior or a traveling mom? If so, you won't want to miss our special offer on workbooks to defeat the upcoming summer slumps.
May 2023 Newsletter - Creative Writing

January 2024 - A tremendous new year awaits!

Click to see all the pics.
October 2023 Newsletter

November 2023 - The NEW digital SAT and Mentorship

Join our new group classes to master the digital SAT A-Z! Classes begin in January.
May 2023 Newsletter - Creative Writing

October 2023 - Do you want to boost your brain power and learn new words faster?

This newsletter features tips and tricks on how to improve your vocabulary, deep reading skills, and brain function while reading. You'll discover how reading can make you smarter, happier, and more creative. Don't miss this opportunity to level up your reading and learning abilities.
October 2023 Newsletter

September 2023 - Chess, Writing, and Diwali.

In this newsletter, we learn about a DC non-profit exposing the many benefits of chess to the underprivileged, online publishing for high school writers, and invite you to celebrate the festival of the lights- Diwali style.
May 2023 Newsletter - Creative Writing

August 2023 - Celebrating Our Mentors

In gratitude to the trusted and experienced advisors guiding our students through their academic journeys.
August 2023 Newsletter

July 2023 - Updates

Get updated with our latest.
May 2023 Newsletter - Creative Writing

June 2023 - The Kick of Creation

Meet our outstanding workshop instructors and a former AP student whose ACCELERATED writing is opening doors.
June 2023 Newsletter

May 2023 - Creative Writing

Catch all the summer workshops to level up your creative writing skills.
May 2023 Newsletter - Creative Writing

April 2023 - Putting Creative Writing to Work

Adding a creative approach provides a refreshing break from academia while honing a child's literary skills.

March 2023 - The core of education: WRITING

What writing really means.

February 2023 - The Power of Student Mentorship

Mr. Wayne is back, scientists are teaming up with kids, and mentorship in writing, science and beyond.

January 2023 - Goal Setting

This month we share a little about goal-setting for kids and teens. In this fast-paced, goal-oriented vortex that is LIFE, we are also wishing you new ways to come alive in 2023 and beyond!