One-on-one, dedicated time focused on one thing: each student's success. 


We believe that the best kind of learning takes place when there is a real connection between the student and the teacher. We get to know every single one of our students in a very multi-dimensional way, and we know their passions even from an early age.  

Our teachers are chosen based on their communication skills, personalities, and their interest in helping students perform at their very best while still staying true to themselves and their interests.  Over the years, we awaken in our students the desire to learn and to grow as individuals.

We try to make our sessions as enjoyable as possible, and we are able to engage students of ALL ages—even elementary-age students who are studying for high-stakes placement tests or taking advanced coursework.  

We don't believe in making academic work stressful and our teachers know how to engage and communicate in a way that maximizes learning.  Their expertise is far-reaching, and they serve as real mentors who build relationships with our families over time.

A lot of learning centers overprice themselves and the message is the following: spend more money and see more results. At Academic Pathways, we like to send a clear, down-to-earth message: “We will get the job done efficiently and AMAZINGLY, but without ever asking for money we don’t deserve.” We are very EFFICIENT. We work with speed and expertise—and without tediousness or suffocating parameters such as “You didn't cancel with 24 hours’ notice so now you’ve lost $100+.” 

We are a heart-centered, education-inspired company that understands the incredibly busy schedules of our families. Our families comment time and time again that we are friendly, flexible, and efficient. We don’t add arbitrary constraints and fully grasp that what we provide is a “here-when-you-need-it” kind of service.


Prompt, detailed responses to all in-person questions, emails, & phone calls

Genuine, heart-centered teaching in a way that shows our students just how much we care about their lives and their learning

An original and authentic approach to admissions & applications—we don’t just make each student sound like a TYPICAL Harvard-bound kind of kid. We help them stand out from the stack by ensuring they choose the RIGHT activities, the most UNIQUE ways to spend their spring breaks, and the PERFECT words to use in their college application essays.

We are very committed to getting to know them for who they REALLY are, and helping them discover over time what they GENUINELY love and feel passionate about academically, socially, politically, personally, and more.

Our students get accepted into the colleges of their dreams because we ensure their applications illuminate ALL that they are in an unforgettable way.


“Where we study like it’s a passion”