The heart and soul of Academic Pathways, our staff brings expertise to an impressive array of subjects.  Our teachers have a remarkable devotion to helping students learn, which is evident in each and every encounter. 


At Academic Pathways, we know how to connect with our students and their families. The foundation for this connection is comprised of our educators, all of whom genuinely care about teaching and are fully dedicated to our students. We want our students to view us as more than teachers or tutors: we want to become treasured mentors.

Our parents know they can trust and count on us. Each Academic Pathways staff member has undergone rigorous screening. We maintain a safe and welcoming environment that optimizes student learning.  

We are committed to our students on every level, and we often have collaborative meetings to discuss how we can best help each student specifically.  Many learning centers take a teacher-to-student approach in that one person is assigned to one student and there is no collaboration among teachers.  While we value continuity and often assign students to their preferred teachers over a long period of time, we also believe in the power of educational strategy.  As a group of expert educators, many of us with almost 20 years of teaching experience, we collaborate frequently with each student’s best interest in mind.  This maximizes the power of our pedagogy.

Our Academic Pathways staff will work hard for each and every student to give them the most memorable learning experience possible. You can be as involved as you desire:   our parents are welcome to speak with us after before or after any session. Since consultations can be slightly rushed during our busy hours, we also offer scheduled parent meetings outside our usual afternoon, evening, and weekend sessions. 

At Academic Pathways, we are academically serious without question; yet we still manage to maintain a warm and welcoming approach to teaching and learning that makes our students want to come back time and time again.

“My son used to hate reading and writing—always complaining about it. Now he loves coming here to share his work with your teachers.”