12th GRADE

The hardest year is over, but don't be fooled—you still have to get good grades (especially in the fall). Senior year should be a time when you are putting the finishing touches on your applications and doing last-minute college visits. And, depending on notification deadlines, you may start receiving decisions from colleges as early as December!


In his or her final year of high school, your daughter will be thinking ahead toward college--and the necessary admissions requirements. Our experts' focus this year will be on college (and GPA) first and addressing any changes while your student pushes forward toward the next chapter in his or her academic career. > learn more


Maintaining a GPA despite all that's new and the added pressures applied is  critical to future college admissions. We will work with your student on an individual subject while learning tips that will help your son or daughter the rest of his or her life. > learn more


Gaining access to the country's best schools requires high scores on the biggest tests. These include the ACT, SAT, PSAT, SSAT, ISEE, and HSPT tests. We offer sample tests and work with your student to improve his or her score. > learn more


Get organized! What still needs to be done and when? Request transcripts, make sure recommendations are requested and submitted, complete applications, fill out FAFSA forms, put the last touches on your essays, pay application fees, and always, always check deadlines!


Not all schools offer students the opportunity of an interview and, when they do, students usually have to be invited to one. Although interviews don't usually play an active role in the decision-making process, your attendance does show the school that you are interested enough to take the time to meet with someone. If a school invites you to an interview, always say yes; it’s a great opportunity to ask someone who’s attended the school more questions about life there. Perhaps even more importantly, it is a special opportunity to share who you are in person with the school. They want to get to know you in real time. These interviews are usually conducted by local alumni.


Are you applying for early action (non-binding), early decision (binding), or by the regular deadline? Make sure all materials are in on time or your application may not be considered.  We’re here to help you during these often frantic moments!


Do you still need to take or retake a test? Do it as early in the fall semester as possible.


Don't forget that schools want to see your fall grades, so you will need to send out grade reports at the end of the semester.

True Story: Senioritis is real. Don't give in to it! In a worst-case scenario, schools can rescind an offer for bad grades or too many absences.