These courses are for students who want to get ahead in every way. 

We work with students seeking acceleration and enrichment as they prepare for future classes, as well as those looking to fortify their knowledge from the previous school year.

Are you missing out on a class you were hoping to take because you couldn’t squeeze it into your schedule?  Take that course with us.

Are you prepping for your very first AP class?  Come to us for a comprehensive preview.

Were you disappointed you never got to Calc BC?  Come work with our inspiring teachers to continue solidifying your passion for math.  

Feel a bit rusty on Algebra I and a bit anxious about getting that A in Algebra II?  Spend the summer with us reviewing everything you forgot while taking Geometry.

Join us for engaging science workshops, or for foreign languages such as Spanish, French, and Chinese.  Though these courses won’t count for credit, your knowledge base will be expanded exponentially.

Not only will you demonstrate your passions on paper for the sake of your college applications; you might also discover you LOVE a subject you never dreamed you would even take!

At Academic Pathways we believe in the “power of the pathway,” as cheesy as it sounds—your own unique journey to success, and the far-reaching value of its many twists and turns.

“It was a special night, I was so thrilled with Sam's speech. You can see Ms. Susan has done him so much good! Thank you for assigning a teacher who could make a difference for him.”