Either by individual subject or as an overall GPA booster, our experienced teachers provide our students with the extra attention and tips needed to boost any grade. 

Our goal is to provide you with the extra attention, explanation, and information you need to strengthen your grades in any subject. Our tutoring sessions are rigorous and focused, as we apply decades of academic and teaching expertise to each student interaction. We want this to be an enjoyable and interactive process, however—one that will actually spark genuine interest in each concept or topic.  Learning doesn't have to be dry or merely a series of drills and memorization exercises. 

We will study with you, quiz you, and inspire you. 

Many of our students come every day after school because AP feels like their “second home.” We think of our space in some ways as a study lounge, with dedicated teachers standing by to provide one-to-one focused review sessions.

Our Homework Help and GPA Maintenance classes are for students who want help across several subjects and want an experienced teacher to help them complete their homework. Our goal is not only to help with individual assignments, but to give you effective study tips that will take studying for tests and quizzes to a new level of ease and confidence.

For these classes, we recommend 1.5- to 2-hour sessions. This gives us ample time to review and organize all homework, then intensify focus in problem areas through supplemental, deepened practice.  One-hour sessions are allowed if needed. 

Whether we are helping you raise your grades or maintain an already-strong GPA, even just one class of intensive focused study per week will make all the difference.

"Thanks for these amazing sessions and everything that you do. Just referred another family to you!"