Navigating high school’s many education stressors while preparing for a college career can be challenging for any student. Schools with large classes and distractions found within the home only compound the problem, making it difficult for students to stand out and achieve.

At Academic Pathways, we understand each high school student is unique and destined for his or her own greatness in life. We know it's our job to help each student find their way while receiving the educational tools and pre-college support they require. 

Our approach to academic planning is simple yet highly effective: we work with each student individually to leverage his or her profile and portfolio before mapping out a personal path to achievement. Throughout this process we are careful to address each student’s (and parent’s!) needs and concerns, enriching the process with our own experience and expertise.

Families enlist us to create a unique trajectory curated for them alone. We offer test preparation at all levels, GPA maintenance, application and admission guidance, homework support, and a wide variety of other services—all with the ultimate goal of guiding students along their personalized academic pathways.


"We have found our academic family"