Welcome to high school! Ninth grade is when students start to enrich their portfolios with carefully chosen academic and extracurricular interests. That may sound complicated, but making decisions about how and where to focus your time does not need to be stressful. At Academic Pathways, we will guide you in navigating what to consider and work on during this very crucial year in your academic life.


This first high school year is an ideal time to map out a path toward college. Our experienced academic consultants will advise your son or daughter on course choices, extra curricular activities, and college choices, all geared toward achieving their goals. > learn more


Maintaining a GPA despite all that's new and the added pressures applied is  critical to future college admissions. We will work with your student on an individual subject while learning tips that will help your son or daughter the rest of his or her life. > learn more


Gaining access to the country's best schools requires high scores on the biggest tests. These include the ACT, SAT, PSAT, SSAT, ISEE, and HSPT tests. We offer sample tests and work with your student to improve his or her score. > learn more


Academic Pathways gets to know our students on every level. Your enjoyable intake consultation will provide us with valuable background information about what makes you YOU. It will also help us put together a clear, individualized plan of action for you going forward. 

Insider Tip: The more approaches you use to pursue a strong interest, the better you are able to demonstrate dedication and highlight your unique self to colleges.


Students come to us as early as 8th grade to study for the PSAT. This isn't just a practice test for the upcoming SAT— the result determines whether you will be eligible for a National Merit Scholarship.


Prepare your 4-year high school plan—what courses should you be taking? What are colleges looking for? Are you meeting all of the requirements for graduation in your 4-year plan? Does your school offer AP? IB? 

Challenge Yourself: Colleges want to see you take advantage of the most challenging classes available to you.


Use your extra time to participate in interesting extra-curricular activities that genuinely reflect your interests. 

Pick Your Passion: Colleges want to see that you have dedicated yourself to something you care about OUTSIDE of school-related activities. What will this be? We will help you look into summer activities that excite you—ones that will further the pursuit of your focused interests.