Some tutoring centers have an air of seriousness that students find uninspiring.  Their lives are already stressful enough. We don’t think of our sessions as a temporary solution to academic stress, though our teachers do often “save the day.”  Instead, we teach students how to actually learn, and take a proactive instead of a reactive approach. With us they will learn confidence, focus, and intrinsic motivation. They will feel comforted by our nurturing, individualized environment and thus perform better on their tests and quizzes, with more confidence and less anxiety. 

We have a communal feel that’s very rare in this industry. Many services offered for high-level, high-stakes academic goals are very one-to-one and isolated in nature. Given the layout of the center, students can feel a sense of camaraderie when working in the same room with their individual teachers / academic mentors. They still get the very intensive, personalized attention, but they can feel the positive, hardworking energy of the group dynamic as well.

At Academic Pathways, students are learning what works and doesn't work for them as students.  They are constantly discovering what they find effective and ineffective when studying. We are helping them become lifelong learners who are fully capable of paving their own pathways to academic success. 

"The consultation was very helpful. It gave [my daughter] more encouragement. We are so grateful to have such warm and supportive people like you."