Academic Pathways’ approach to academic planning is unique and all-encompassing. Whether through our consulting services or through test preparation, we embrace diversification and use what makes each student an individual to help achieve academic goals.

We coupled our own decades of academic expertise with our original teaching model and ended up with a program that enables student acceleration and achievement without sacrificing a sense of enjoyment during each and every learning session.

Our students come to us for individualized academic pathways. We illuminate and curate programs to help students with test preparation, GPA maintenance, application & admission guidance, homework support, and a wide variety of other services—all with the ultimate aim of guiding them along their personalized academic trajectories.



We individually work with students and parents to map out a personal path to achievement, addressing needs, non-negotiables, and changing goals along the way. > learn more


Students do not learn at the same rate or with the same teaching style, which is why our experienced educators will thoughtfully determine how to best help with homework needs and strengthen overall GPAs. > learn more


Preparing for major exams requires more than simply taking practice test after practice test. We will pinpoint during every session improvable areas then employ out-of-the-box methods to ensure the highest scores possible. > learn more



Welcome to high school! Ninth grade is when students start to enrich their portfolios with carefully chosen academic and extracurricular interests. That may sound complicated, but making decisions about how and where to focus your time does not need to be stressful. At Academic Pathways, we will guide you in navigating what to consider and work on during this very crucial year in your academic life. > learn more


The second year of high school comes with an increase in homework and more important decisions. It's time to start familiarizing yourself with the college application process and the different kinds of applications (for example, the Common Application vs. the Coalition Application). Your school may invite representatives from different colleges and universities to come speak about their campuses and what their schools have to offer—sign up for as many of these as you can! It will help you understand the differences between private and public, large and small, and urban vs. suburban schools. Academic Pathways is ready to help you weigh these factors and navigate the steps below.> learn more


If there is a year to get serious, this is the year! In addition to selecting schools, you need to be serious and committed to improving your grades, pursuing challenging courses, and participating in extracurricular activities. Make sure you are taking AP or IB courses whenever you can. Continue pursuing outside activities you are passionate about—ones that truly inspire you. Spend lots of time researching and doing online searches for schools that fit your needs. > learn more


The hardest year is over, but don't be fooled—you still have to get good grades (especially in the fall). Senior year should be a time when you are putting the finishing touches on your applications and doing last-minute college visits. And, depending on notification deadlines, you may start receiving decisions from colleges as early as December!  > learn more