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6 Ideas to Build Your College Resume this Summer

Though excellent academic performance during the school year is a great way to prepare for your dream-school, colleges also love to see a well-rounded applicant. Without the rigorousness of your usual classwork, you can be selective about how you spend your time this summer. Whatever your goals are, summer is a fantastic opportunity to hone your passions and build your college resume!

Consider a part-time job

Whether you’re bagging groceries or assisting at your local summer camp, holding down a part-time job shows responsibility, discipline, time management, listening skills, and teamwork. College admissions counselors will be impressed that you’ve taken the initiative to start your professional resume—and it may help your chances of landing a job or internship in college!

Volunteer work

Show your future college admissions counselors you care by giving back to your community this summer. You may even be able to find volunteer work relevant to your future field!  Interested in education? Ask your local school district if there’s a need for peer tutors. Love animals? Your local shelter is a great place to start. Volunteering is a great way to get real-world experience to round out your resume nicely.

Take an online course

This summer could be a great time to study a second language or get ahead on pre-requisites. Do you plan to take AP Calculus next year? Now’s a great time to refresh and sharpen your math skills! Whatever your plans, Academic Pathways offers a wide variety of subject-specific support!

Build your creative portfolio

If you’re thinking of applying to a fine arts program, you may be expected to include a portfolio of your past works. Dedicate time this summer to honing your craft through frequent practice. Sharing the products of your creativity on your application is a perfect way to showcase your serious commitment to your passion! Even if you aren’t considering a BFA or MFA, creative experience is a great way to show schools that you are capable of thinking outside the box.

Get a head start on your college essay

Students often go through several drafts of their college application essay. The inherent downtime of the summer season makes it a great time to start exploring ideas for your perfect essay! (If you need help fleshing out your ideas or editing your drafts, we are here to support you!)

Prep for the SAT or ACT

Like the above example, college freshmen can set themselves up for success by getting a jumpstart on test prep! Without the academic strains of the school year, you’ll have more time to focus on building up your scores. Taking a few practice tests and reviewing them will do WONDERS for your final test score!

Taking on extra work this summer doesn’t mean you can’t also have time to rest and relax. Setting aside some time to build your resume can help you stay focused and motivated. Making a plan for what you hope to accomplish is a great way to make sure you stay on target as you head into the next school year! 

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