Student Struggling With Summer Slumb

How to Prevent the “Summer Slide” in 2021

The dreaded “summer slide” is the academic setback many students face during summer vacation. Due to months away from the classroom, many students fall behind and have to play catch up come September. Just like our bodies, our minds need exercise to stay in shape. But when kids are burned out at the end of the academic school year, it can be challenging to get them invested in continuing to learn. 

The break from school is an opportunity to get creative with enrichment so your student’s mind stays sharp and engaged. Here are some tips to avoid the academic slump:

Get “hands-on” with mathematics

It’s easy to forget how much math is part of our everyday experience outside the classroom! Making math tangible via activities your student already enjoys is an awesome way to get even the most math-weary kids interested. Use baking measurements to practice fractions. Involve your student in home improvement projects by having them practice using a tape measure or ruler. Plan a party, cookout, or lemonade stand and have them help you keep track of the budget. 

Read something new–for fun!

During the school year, students can feel burned out from required reading. Summer is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with the joys of getting lost in a good book! The key here is letting your student choose their material. Whether your student is a fantasy fanatic or a sci-fi buff, reading anything will stimulate their minds and expand their vocabulary. Reading for enjoyment can also help kids build positive associations with literature.

Learn a musical instrument

Research has shown that music helps with language development, spatial-temporal skills, creative expression, and more. Like any skill, learning an instrument takes discipline. It’s a great way to practice consistency while exploring something totally different! Many music stores rent instruments out to students, so you don’t have to worry about making a life-time commitment.

Try a summer class or workshop

Help your student find a new passion. While kids can grow tired of their daily classroom routines, exploring a new subject can be invigorating and inspiring. Encourage your student to follow their curiosity. It’s no secret that kids learn better when they’re invested in the material, and new skills can lead to new opportunities. 

Don’t know where to start? We offer tons of unique workshops including astronomy, drama, creative writing, and music composition.

It has always been our mission to keep students engaged and interested. We’ve all felt the school-year burnout, and we’re here to help! For more ideas, schedule a consultation with one of our education experts today!